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If you prefer eyeglasses, or you wish to have and extra pair of glasses to supplement your contact lenses, our Opticians can assist you in styling and fitting the right frame for you. The Optical at Dr. Easton’s office has a wide variety of styles and designer frames available for all ages. Our Opticians determine which frame style fits you properly for your lifestyle needs. Once the frame selection is completed, there are many lens options available:

  • Polycarbonate lenses: This thin and light, highly protective lens is invaluable for sports enthusiasts, active children, people with high prescriptions, and industrial workers.

  • High Index lenses: This lens is necessary for high prescriptions to reduce the thickness and weight of eyewear for better comfort and style.

  • Ultraviolet and custom tint coatings: These are protective coatings for the computer, tablet and smart phone users. For patients who tend to be light – sensitive photo-chromatic transition lenses are highly recommended.

  • Scratch Resistant coatings: For the patient who rarely uses an eyeglass case to protect their eyeglasses, this is an added coating to minimize scratches of your prescription lenses.

  • Anti-Reflective coatings are necessary for night driving, computer users, patients who are sensitive to glare and for those patients who appear on camera to minimize light reflections

Choose the eyewear that fits your lifestyle!

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